Angry Fish

Angry Fish

About game «Angry Fish»

Angry Fish is a game in which you have to control a fish-destroyer. To set it in motion, you need to bring it to a peg, attach it and, pulling the elastic band, release it. When pulling, you need to predict the flight path of the fish in order to hit the target. It is advisable to collect all the stars and hit the chicken. First, a yellow fish is given, then it changes color and its opportunities increase. The yellow fish breaks large wooden planks, the orange one can destroy stones, the gray one explodes obstacles, the blue one goes through the planks. Each level is getting more and more interesting! We recommend that you go through all of them in order to experience all the emotions that we experienced when we played this game! This is undoubtedly the best way to spend your free time! Enjoy it!

Watch how to play: