Fruit Mahjong

Fruit Mahjong

About game «Fruit Mahjong»

The main task in the game Fruit Mahjong is to connect all the tiles with images of fresh fruits and thus clear the playing field. In fact, this is the same classic mahjong, familiar to all players. The only difference is the fruit topic. Among the fruits you will find: lemon, strawberry, apple, cherry, pineapple, watermelon and blackberry, orange. Thus, the task of finding matches is greatly simplified and the process becomes more and more interesting. Use your savvy and exceed your own expectations. Test your strength and see what the maximum level you can reach by collecting fruits in the virtual "garden". You can pause the game, use the x5 hint, or shuffle the pictures. The game will help you to diversify your gaming experience. Especially, if you like Mahjong, you will certainly enjoy this game!

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