About Angry Birds Games

Angry Birds, from popular Finnish game developer Rovio Entertainment, quickly became a worldwide phenomenon upon its release in 2009. The game is based on a simple yet enticing concept: angry birds use projectile warfare to retrieve their stolen eggs from green pigs. Across diverse gaming platforms such as mobile and desktop, Angry Birds has been universally embraced by the gaming community with more than 200 million active players worldwide by 2014.

The key inspiration behind the birth of Angry Birds came from sketches of wingless, angry-looking birds with no clear game design intentions. These captivating sketches eventually paved the way for the creation of a unique and iconic game with compelling storylines and game mechanics. The intentional simplicity of using a giant slingshot to hurl the birds at the mischievous green pigs was an instant hit.

The game continued to attract attention and criticism from a variety of perspectives. Animal rights activists criticized it for using animals as ammunition to kill other creatures. Several psychologists have raised concerns about the game's potential to harm the mental health of children under five due to the violent nature of killing game characters.

What can you learn in Angry Birds games?

Despite their seemingly simple gameplay, Angry Birds games offer important cognitive benefits. It enhances strategic thinking, problem solving, and physics and trajectory prediction.

Best Online Angry Birds Games

  1. Angry Birds Original: A physics-based puzzle game where players slingshot various birds with unique abilities at structures to eliminate green pigs hidden within.

  2. Angry Birds Rio: A thematic spin-off that pairs with the animated film "Rio." Birds are used to free their captured bird friends, with boss battles against main antagonists.

  3. Angry Birds Space: A cosmic twist on the original, introducing new birds and gravitational pull mechanics. Players launch birds in space environments with orbital trajectories.

  4. Angry Birds Seasons: A continually updated version celebrating global festivals and holidays, introducing season-specific challenges and themed episodes.

  5. Angry Birds Star Wars: A crossover with the Star Wars franchise. Birds and pigs are themed after iconic characters, integrating elements from the Star Wars universe into gameplay.


Angry Birds games have come a long way from just being mobile games to being an overarching brand with numerous games under its umbrella. Despite its criticism and mixed reception, its popularity remains undiminished, making it one of the most recognizable game series in the world.