Angry Birds

Angry Birds

About game «Angry Birds»

Once upon a time, when no one knew about Angry Birds, the little-known company Rovio Mobile created its first computer development, which was successfully implemented in mobile devices. Shooting at pigs with wingless birds was so popular with users that the game immediately became megapopular and won millions of fans around the world. In the game Angry Birds, the attack on the enemy is carried out in the air. The target for the angry birds was a pyramid built of pigs, that is, it is necessary to aim at this strange structure. As in all versions of these games, a slingshot is used as a weapon, and the birds themselves serve as "ammunition". Try to show your fighting skills, while remembering that aiming with a slingshot is a very difficult task. It is necessary to correctly calculate the distance between the pigs and the "cold weapon", the impact force of the charge released from the slingshot is also of great importance.

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