Crazy Birds 2

Crazy Birds 2

About game «Crazy Birds 2»

Surely the first game that comes to mind from the arcade genre is Angry Birds. Today we continue to talk about the new part of the game about unusual birds in the Crazy Birds 2 arcade. In total, the game has 28 bright, exciting levels. According to the plot, there is also a fight between birds and green pigs that steal eggs from them. The gameplay hasn't changed either. The player needs to shoot from the slingshot at the platforms (structures) on which the pig is located. You have a certain number of attempts, within which you must defeat all opponents and earn game points. Among the innovations, I would like to note the replenishment of the ranks in the list of evil birds. According to legend, the new bird grew up in a family of pigs, so it has a bad sense of humor, carelessness and irresponsibility. From the pros, we can say that it loves flying and is brave in character.

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