Yummy Super Burger

Yummy Super Burger

About game «Yummy Super Burger»

In this fun game you need to become a real chef. To cope with this task, you have to go through many levels, each of which has a counter and several conveyors through which the components of the sandwiches arrive. Combine them in the right sequence and sell them to café visitors. Master all the secrets of the craft and learn how to turn a simple bun into a real delicacy! We are sure that each of you loves to visit fast food restaurants and eat the most delicious burgers there. Now you can learn how to cook them yourself, and you don't even need to go anywhere! It's okay if you don't know how to cook this dish at all. In the game, we have prepared a lot of tips for you, and the recipe for making a burger will hang right in front of you. Do not be afraid and try to cook as soon as possible. You will succeed!

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