Army FPS Shooting

Army FPS Shooting

About game «Army FPS Shooting»

Army FPS Shooting is an online 3D first-person shooter in which you have to become a soldier of an elite squad and demonstrate what you can do in a brutal war. Bandit groups have taken over many military bases around the world. They pose a threat to the world's population, so your squad must save the world at any cost. To cope with this difficult task, you must complete missions to liberate the captured military bases. If you are ready, then it's time to go into battle. The arsenal of weapons is quite diverse, so you can change weapons depending on the circumstances. You can also take the opponent's weapon after you disarm him. Study each task carefully, because any violation can lead to failure. Be careful, look around and do not relax, the enemy is well prepared and ready to do anything to maintain his position. Don't forget about the map that shows the enemy targets to be destroyed. Try to complete all the missions and prove that you deserve to be part of an elite squad. Good luck!

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