Tractor Mania

Tractor Mania

About game «Tractor Mania»

This time we are performing unthinkable tasks on a tractor, but they are so difficult only if they were given in real life, and in the game we have an unlimited number of attempts, so we play and have fun. Wait for the conveyor to load the load into your tractor, and then try to take it to its destination. Between levels, you can improve your tractor for the currency you earn. The farmer on his tractor has to load something into the trailer for transport, and then deliver the load to its destination. Everything seems to be simple, but in fact, there is not enough fuel, then something will be lost on the road, then something else will happen, so you need to regularly look into the garage and improve your tractor, and if you have enough money, then you can have a new one. Buy, or change the trailer for a more convenient one.

Watch how to play: