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Kart Fight.io

About game «Kart Fight.io»

Kart Fight.io is an addicting virtual game, in which you have a specific goal. You have to be the only player alive. You enter the platform, on which you ride a small kart. Your task is to hit other drivers in such a manner that they fall off the playing field. If you succeed in this, you will grow a bit bigger and, in such way, be able to hit your enemies with more force. If you keep driving on the playing ground as the only person left, you become the winner. You get promoted for the money you get. The more coins you receive, the more characters will become available to you. Some characters will be available after you play a particular amount of games, so give it a try! This game is incredibly popular, because its gameplay uses the well-known mechanics of IO games, which excite all the payers, no matter of their gaming preferences. So have fun!

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