Drag Racing 3D 2021

Drag Racing 3D 2021

About game «Drag Racing 3D 2021»

Drag racing is a speed race between two cars on a short track. If you are interested in taking part in it, then do not miss the opportunity to do it without having to go to the race track. Realistic game will allow you to plunge into the world of drive and adrenaline. The game has 2 modes: for one player and multiplayer race. If you choose the first mode, you will fight for victory with bots. In the second case, your opponents will be real players who will drive racing cars. In both cases, you will be faced with the task of reaching the finish line before the other participants in the race. But before you go to the race track, you have to choose a car in which you will race to the finish line, controlling it with the arrow keys. The game has both free and several paid models. The cost of the latter varies within different limits. Complete the tasks of the game levels successfully in order to earn coins and get the opportunity to purchase more powerful races. Follow the position of your car in the race according to the diagram located at the bottom of the playing field.

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