Monster Truck Rally

Monster Truck Rally

About game «Monster Truck Rally»

Large off-road cars, complex and intricate tracks, insane speed and adrenaline, high-quality graphics, various weather conditions, all this refers to the new three-dimensional race - Monster Truck Rally, which you can play without installing any additional software on your computer. A career, a championship and a free race, probably no more is needed for a powerful injection of adrenaline into the blood, you just need to decide where to start. You can heed our advice and start with a career, so you will open access to all cars and tracks, after which you can choose which track to go through again, and which one to forget, like a terrible dream, and this also applies to cars, because there is how "Comfortable" and "uncomfortable" cars. During the race, try to drive your big car as carefully as possible, the tracks will be very dangerous and any wrong movement can lead to a delay, and the delay, in turn, to a loss.

Watch how to play: