Mineblox Apple Shooter

Mineblox Apple Shooter

About game «Mineblox Apple Shooter»

This game is based on Minecraft, so it is sure to please any player! Visit the picturesque world of blocks and pixels and have fun with us! Your task will be to master archery. But there is no time to think, so the mission before you will be extremely important. Moreover, another person's life is at stake. The fact is that you will need to shoot arrows at the apple, which will stand on the head of another person! One wrong move - and the arrow can hit a person and kill him. Therefore, the trajectory should be calculated very carefully. The game consists of many rounds. After you pass the first round, the game will be complicated and various partitions and barriers will appear on the way. Moreover, they can move, and all in different directions. Therefore, it will be necessary to shoot in such a way that the arrow does not hit any of the obstacles.

Watch how to play: