Angry Infected 2D

Angry Infected 2D

About game «Angry Infected 2D»

Introducing the game that will definitely delight all Angry Birds fans! Despite the fact that the game that exploded a few years ago is not so popular now, loyal fans will appreciate its younger brother! After all, it is inspired by the theme of the zombie apocalypse - perhaps one of the most popular scenarios of the end of the world, sung in popular culture. As you may have guessed, in this game, instead of evil pigs, cunning zombies (which will remind you of the famous characters from Plants vs Zombies) will await you. And you will shoot not with birds, but with skulls - then the rebellious dead will die for real. Show off your physics knowledge and strategize to defeat the walking dead! Remember that you can easily access this fantastic game on various types of gadgets and devices for completely free.

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