About game «Basketball.iO»

Are you ready to become the cool and invincible athlete? Then, it's time to prove it to players all over the world in the game ""! At first you will have only one basketball player, one ball and a playground. To open access to other heroes and other items, you need to earn a certain number of gold stars or complete a task. So are you ready to show everyone who's the coolest pro here? We begin! First, you need to go through a little training to become familiar with the rules of the game. To throw the ball into the basket, you need to run to the line and the basketball player will automatically make a dizzying throw. Remember that your goal is not only to throw the ball into the ring, but also to prevent the opposing team from doing so. Opponents on the other team will try to steal the ball from you or your team's basketball player. To prevent this from happening, try to protect your players and prevent your opponents from spoiling the winning throw. Demonstrate your agility and endurance to take the first positions in the top list. Enjoy your game and good luck!

Watch how to play: