About game «Knightfall»

In one of the kingdoms of a large state, something terrible happened, people stopped leaving their houses, and the knights disappeared somewhere. Only wanderers who came here by chance and did not know the terrible story of what happened in the kingdom of Knightfall could appear on the street. Every traveler who came here by chance remained forever in the city and his relatives would never have been able to see him until the kingdom was visited by a brave and courageous knight who came to save the inhabitants from inevitable death, and if not from the clutches of monsters, then from hunger. Don't let the worst happen, now everyone who is still alive is looking at you. Only one thing is required of you - to take your sharp sword and go out into the streets of the city. You don't have to look for monsters, they will find you themselves, just travel straight ahead, and they will definitely appear. Each of the monsters is strong, and with one blow of the sword, no matter how old you are to destroy the monster, it will not work. Just a few swings of the sword will help you take the life of the monster.

Watch how to play: