Clash of Vikings

Clash of Vikings

About game «Clash of Vikings»

In this game you have a very serious mission. After all, our lands have been attacked by hostile tribes, and now it is necessary to mobilize all forces to defend their territory and prevent the enemy from capturing it. At the beginning of the game in front of you you will see the battlefield. The lower part of the screen belongs to you, and the upper - to your opponent. At the bottom of the panel you see cards with warriors or weapons that you can use against your opponent. Just select the required card and move it to the place of the battlefield from which you want to launch a warrior or weapon, respectively. But be sensible and careful, because there must be some time between each of your moves before you can make the next one. Make sure that the condition of your buildings does not deteriorate, otherwise you will have a high risk of losing.

Watch how to play: