Stair Run 3D

Stair Run 3D

About game «Stair Run 3D»

In our exciting game you will be given the opportunity to feel like a rock climber, but quite unusual. You won't have the usual climbing tools, and there won't be any mountains either. Instead of mountains there will be a ladder, and as accessories there will be empty containers behind the back of the protagonist. At the beginning of each of the many levels, you must accumulate material, for example, blue blocks, you will need them to avoid obstacles, which are red blocks. On the way to the top, you place blue blocks to avoid the red ones, it seems like a simple thing, but it can play a cruel joke on you. Be vigilant and careful, but think quickly too. Do not use too many blocks, because there might be more obstacles in the round. The game will help you to develop many useful skills, so use the opportunity!

Watch how to play: