Car Traffic Racer

Car Traffic Racer

About game «Car Traffic Racer»

While driving on the highway, try not to collide with other cars, otherwise you will lose. For each of the players there are several game modes, where each of the modes has a different difficulty. In the first mode, which is called one-way traffic, you must drive straight ahead and overtake passing vehicles. The second mode is two-way traffic, here it is necessary to look both ways, since, having driven into the oncoming lane, there is a chance of an accident. By choosing the third mode, a timer will be set in the game, so you will have to squeeze everything out of your car, and in the fourth mode you will carry a powerful bomb, that is, you will have to move not only quickly, but also with extreme caution. But that's not all, before the start of the race, you can choose not only the mode, but also the time of day. Yes, it is worth mentioning the weather conditions, they will play an important role when driving along a busy stream.

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