Hulk Smash Wall

Hulk Smash Wall

About game «Hulk Smash Wall»

The game Hulk Smash Wall is an interesting arcade game in which you will help a huge giant, reminiscent of the Hulk, clear his way by destroying walls. To start, click "Start" at the bottom. The goal of each level is to get to the end of the route. A lot of traps were set along the way. For example, plying brick walls. Press the left mouse button to dash, then the Hulk will break the wall. Otherwise, the hero will die when faced with her. Also use acceleration to dodge under a hammer or past gray walls. If the hammer lands on the hero, the Hulk will die. Click "Continue" to move on. This game gives you an incredible opportunity to play with your favorite superhero. If you want to check more games with other avengers, you can find them right on our website! We promise that you will like our games!

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