Astronaut Steve

Astronaut Steve

About the game Astronaut Steve

Embark on an intergalactic rescue mission with Astronaut Steve, a casual browser-based online game. Steve's beloved has been kidnapped by nefarious space criminals, and it's up to you to help him navigate the vast universe, overcome obstacles, and rescue her. The game begins with Steve entering a rocket through a black portal on the game board. Your job is to guide him over sharp spikes and other hazards by timing his jumps perfectly. As the game progresses, you'll have to open the portal yourself by collecting gold bars scattered around the field. Sometimes reaching these bars requires a double jump, which can be performed by double-clicking on the screen.

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  • Space rescue: Similar to Astronaut Steve, this game involves navigating through space to rescue a kidnapped loved one. However, it adds the challenge of battling alien enemies.
  • Galactic Hero: This game also features a hero who travels the universe to save a loved one. The twist is that you have to solve complex puzzles to progress.
  • Star Jumper: Like Astronaut Steve, this game requires precise timing to jump over obstacles. But it's set on alien planets with gravity-defying physics.
  • Portal Runner: This game shares the portal-opening mechanic with Astronaut Steve, but it's set in a surreal, labyrinthine dimension.

What are the benefits of playing Astronaut Steve

Playing Astronaut Steve is not only fun, it also offers several benefits. It helps improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time due to the precise timing required for jumps. The game also encourages strategic thinking as you figure out how to collect gold bars and open portals. In addition, Astronaut Steve's compelling storyline and addictive gameplay make it a great stress reliever. Finally, as a browser-based game, Astronaut Steve is easily accessible and doesn't require any downloads or installations.