RedBoy and BlueGirl

RedBoy and BlueGirl

About game «RedBoy and BlueGirl»

In the game RedBoy and BlueGirl, we will again meet with brave little spirits. They again left their temple and went in search of the stones of power and mysterious keys. They are needed to return divine light and strength to the temple. You can play this game alone, or you can call a friend to help and play for two. It will be very interesting and fun! The first player will play the little hero Fire, and the second will play the princess Water. These fearless kids just love adventure and they don't care about difficulties and troubles. During the journey, friends will face various challenges and obstacles. Remember that blue rivers are dangerous to Fire, and rivers of fire are deadly to Water. Each of them can overcome obstacles only by his own element. But that's not all. You will come across dark waters that pose a danger to both players. To complete the level and earn three gold stars, you will have to try hard. All keys and gems should be collected. Good luck!

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