Count Master

Count Master

About the game Count Master

Count Master is an exciting and addictive action game where you take charge of an army of stickmen. This addictive online game, playable on your phone or tablet, offers a unique gameplay experience. Your main objective is to defeat your opponents while avoiding obstacles. The intrigue of the game lies in the fact that passing through a gate increases the size of your army. The number on the gate indicates the rate of expansion of your army. Choose the right gate to gather as many warriors as possible.

It's time to use those arithmetic skills from school to win the battle. Turn a single stickman into hundreds of loyal warriors by passing through the gate! Your choice of gate is crucial as it determines the size of your army. Overcome numerous enemies as you guide your army through the full obstacle course. It's the most exciting race you'll ever experience! The game's difficulty escalates with each level, making Count Master a thrilling challenge. We guarantee it will be the most epic race of your life!

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What are the advantages of the game - Count Master

Count Master is not only an entertaining game; it also sharpens your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. The game's unique mechanic of increasing the size of your army by passing through gates adds an element of strategy and planning. It's a fun way to apply arithmetic skills in a game context. Count Master also offers an exciting challenge as the difficulty increases with each level, keeping players engaged and eager to overcome the next obstacle. The game's mobile compatibility means you can enjoy Count Master anytime, anywhere.