Crazy Dog Racing Fever

Crazy Dog Racing Fever

About game «Crazy Dog Racing Fever»

You have had a chance to participate in various contests and races, remember Crazy jeep races, horse races, a racing boat simulator and so on, but we have never taken part in a dog race. Every year this race becomes more and more popular, here we can look at what our pets are capable of and help them if they suddenly need it. Well, let's try how strong your pet will have and whether he will be the first to cross the finish line ahead of his rivals. There are several crazy races waiting for you in the game, you simply cannot find other words for what will be happening at the stadium, and it is here that the dog races will take place. Now you and your pet will become one, well, at least for the duration of the race, and it depends only on your actions whether he becomes a champion and how long he will hold this position.

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