Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

Spider Man: Mysterio Rush

About game «Spider Man: Mysterio Rush»

The Marvel Universe has created a lot of strengthful characters. However, the most favorite character of all generations was and will be the brave Spider-Man. Peter Parker, as a kid, had got the burden of a superhero and coped with it perfectly for all his life. In the application Spider Man: Mysterio Rush, you may try on the role of a great character and save the humanity. The angry Mysterio attacked New York and complete disorder reigned in the community. All residents are in a panic and everybody is afraid for their safety. To restore peace and tranquility in the homes of the townspeople, Spider-Man enters the fight with Mysterio. You will fly around the city using the web. Flying from one skyscraper to another, you need to complete missions, which will be indicated at the beginning of each round. Also, on the way, destroy the robot bees and flying skulls, and collect golden beetles. They are needed for improving the characteristics of Spider-Man and game bonuses.

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