About game «Dominoe»

How many times in the courtyards one could hear "fish", and it was not all about fish, it was just such an expression, one could even say a combination of domino bones, which is played mainly by men and boys. But it's time to forget about gender inequality, and we will help overcome this phenomenon with the help of the new virtual game Dominoe, which is not a shame to play with artificial intelligence, that is, a computer rival. It is very good that in the game we can choose the language, you do not often find such games with translation. Having chosen the English language, we advise you to immediately refer to the help of the game, here you can familiarize yourself with the rules and controls, and then start playing. There are several versions of the game in the world, but we were given the opportunity to play two of the most popular ones: the classic mode, which is called just that - dominoes and a mode called block.

Watch how to play: