Subway Batman Runner

Subway Batman Runner

About game «Subway Batman Runner»

Subway Batman Runner is an addicting extreme runner game reminiscent of Subway Surfers, in which you will help Batman escape from the pursuit of cannibals. Click "Play". When Batman jumps out of the cauldron of cannibals, help him deftly jump or dodge obstacles on the jungle paths. The savages are on their heels, so if Batman stumbles, they will grab him. The controls in the game are the same as in "Surf". Slide under obstacles, jump over obstacles or change direction. Run across bridges or carriages. Collect coins scattered along the road. The mechanics of the game is all the same as in original Subway Surfers game. So it will not be difficult for you to get used to it and start playing. The only difference is that you must swipe down or click the lower arrow to eliminate your enemies, which come on your way. Have fun!

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