Gully Baseball

Gully Baseball

About game «Gully Baseball»

Gully Baseball is a new baseball game in which you get points by smashing as many building windows as you can. On the street, you're standing next to your opponent, and both pitchers are simultaneously tossing the ball. To score more points than your opponent, you must smash the windows of the building in front of you with the ball. You will receive more points if the window is higher. For the greatest results, aim using the crosshair on the screen, then timing your swing correctly. While blowing off some steam, enjoy this entertaining baseball game!Gully Baseball is a game where the player with the most windows wins! Prepare to battle against another player by hitting the ball more times. You have 60 seconds to demonstrate that you are the greatest. This game is completely free to play. You may play this game on your computer using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard. This game may be played on touch displays on your phone or tablet by tapping or swiping. Your screen should be able to accommodate the game.

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