Naruto Free Fight: Season 2

Naruto Free Fight: Season 2

About game «Naruto Free Fight: Season 2»

There is only one way for fighters to determine who is the best. These are fights between two opponents and Naruto is a constant participant in most of these fights. Help him demonstrate his excellent mastery of the basic techniques of all types of martial arts. Hand-to-hand combat will determine the winner, and it would be good if you are the one to become one. You can choose your opponent and the place of future battles. The fight goes on at a fast pace, you have to keep it up or you crash. Fighters are able to withstand a certain number of blows. You try to wear down your opponent until he gets out of the battle, and protect your character. Keep an eye on the level of vitality and maintain the level of energy, it is necessary for decisive blows. Have much fun, dear friends, and enjoy the game!

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