Christmas Hurly Burly

Christmas Hurly Burly

About the game - Christmas Hurly Burly

Christmas Hurly Burly is an addictive online game that challenges your attention and logical thinking. The game begins with maps showing the locations of gifts that wicked wizards have stolen from Santa Claus. These maps are provided by good-hearted elves who have managed to find them. Your mission is to help Santa retrieve these gifts and save Christmas. To play, use your left mouse button to search for the hidden gifts and click to mark the solved rows and columns. As you solve puzzles and complete missions, you will earn various achievements. The game features 30 intriguing levels that you must complete as quickly and efficiently as possible to ultimately save Christmas. Christmas Hurly Burly is based on a traditional Japanese game, giving you the chance to learn more about this fascinating culture.

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What are the benefits of playing Christmas Hurly Burly

Playing Christmas Hurly Burly not only provides entertainment, but also helps to develop logical thinking. The game's puzzles challenge your mind and improve your problem solving skills. In addition, Christmas Hurly Burly introduces you to a traditional Japanese game, broadening your cultural knowledge. Finally, the game's Christmas theme and mission to save Christmas add a layer of excitement and joy to the gameplay.