House of Haunts

House of Haunts

About game «House of Haunts»

Are you afraid of ghosts? Even the most notorious skeptics will no doubt be frightened by these otherworldly creatures that have flooded the place where they will take you and from where you will have to look for a way back. The House of Haunts game will take you to a mystical atmosphere where anything can be frightening. Nevertheless, you have a very important mission, which is to rescue those who have been taken to the dungeon, from which it is not possible to get out on your own. Help the prisoners to be free again, collect keys that can open the locks of the dungeons. The task is to find a way out of the haunted house, where they themselves were trapped. To do this, you need to collect the missing elements, bypassing the enemies. Sometimes collisions with obstacles are difficult to avoid, and this leads to a loss of energy. To accumulate it, you need sweets, while avoiding obstacles.

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