Glam Dress Up

Glam Dress Up

About game «Glam Dress Up»

Whenever we hear glamor, a glamorous lady, glamorous clothes, it seems to us that this is boasting and brightness in clothes, but in fact glamor is beauty, charm, chic, attractiveness, and in other words that characterize this concept there is nothing bad, which means that each of us strives to dress glamorously. By the way, today you were invited to a fashion show of the most famous models in the world, whom we can dress in Glam Dress Up. Do not worry if you do not understand this style yet, all the things and objects that will be provided to you for working with models are glamorous! For each of the models, a wardrobe has already been selected, it contains the most beautiful and of course glamorous things and accessories, you just need to choose a model and choose clothes for her, creating a unique style.

Watch how to play: