Heroic Quest

Heroic Quest

About game «Heroic Quest»

Your hero is an ancient fighter and he starts a heroic quest: destroy enemies and fight the boss. To do this, you will have to choose one of three players: a knight, a hunter or a Viking, and after overcoming the dangers over and over again and getting a reward for this, improve his abilities. For coins, it is allowed to increase the player's vitality, enhance the power of his weapon, and also accelerate it to make it easier to evade the attack. The latest shooting game for boys will be prepared by enemy warriors, zombies and even nasty shooting crows. All of them should be tried to be removed before they cause serious damage to your health. In the menu in front of the entrance, you can always track how much is left before the grasp with the most important villain of the level. Try to make your fighter invincible by this time. You can play Heroic Quest: destroy enemies and fight the boss in the browser of your computer, smartphone or tablet. 11 players have already played the game.

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