FZ Sumo Battle

FZ Sumo Battle

About game «FZ Sumo Battle»

Sumo wrestlers are also sportsmen, and you can see not muscles, but heavy weight of fat on them, that is why a lot may actually question this. However, they specifically build it up so as to gain more weight and using body weight to throw the opponent out of the ring. Playing FZ Sumo Battle, you will also see that their body shape is not really familiar to us. Though having fun with them is exciting, since frequently athletes are pictured even more round, like a ball. They move across the court, expecting for the moment for a nice fight. And when they come together in a jerk, they try to bring the enemy to the edge of the court. The one who is left behind is whimpering in a very amusing manner. Sumo must be the most extraordinary type of wrestling. In the court, two fat men are fighting, weighing their bodies attempting to throw the opponent out of the bounds of the playing field.

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