Horik Viking

Horik Viking

About game «Horik Viking»

In this game you can get the gaming experience of the Scandinavian times, when the Viking Age was. Vikings are brave and strong men who embarked on the path of a warrior. You will also become one of these warriors who went on a long journey. Now dangers await you everywhere, which you will have to overcome. When you start the game, start the adventure over again - a new game. Next, you will see in front of you the keys to control the character. You can now start your adventure! You must reach the finish line, which is located on the right edge of the game location. On your way there will be various obstacles and monsters, which you must get around in some way. In this game you are to show all your dexterity and strength. So, if you would like to improve these skills, you are welcome to play Horik Viking.

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