City Metro Bus Simulator

City Metro Bus Simulator

About game «City Metro Bus Simulator»

City Metro Bus Simulator game is a realistic simulator that fully simulates the movement of a bus and the work of its driver. By playing it, you will learn how to drive a large, hulking bus in a city with very busy traffic. Thanks to such challenging conditions, you will improve your driving skills and at the same time learn new driving rules. Isn't it everyone's dream to try to ride this transport at least once in your life? Ten tasks await you, in each of which you will pick up passengers and take them to a given place. To do this, follow the arrow or be guided by the map. On the way, try to avoid unnecessary collisions with cars driving nearby, as well as with poles, fences and buildings. Always drive on the road and obey basic traffic rules. Do not forget to keep track of the fuel level and refill it when driving to refueling stations on the way.

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