Classic Pac Man

Classic Pac Man

About game «Classic Pac Man»

Classic Pacman is a game that was released for game consoles a long time ago, we no longer remember what year, and it doesn't matter. The main thing is that the game did not require anything beyond his strength from the gamer, we controlled the yellow emoticon, which had to collect all the yellow dots in the maze. And to make it more exciting, several ghosts were added to the game, constantly chasing our hero. However, the smiley could also punish the ghosts at a certain moment, and for this it was simply necessary to eat one of the 4 largest dots. Our new game has no different plot, graphics and controls have undergone revision. Let's start with the yellow dots, there are a huge number of them, but you have to collect everything, otherwise the level will not be counted as passed. There are four ghosts, each of its own color, and it is better not to run into them, they all leave their house in the center of the maze, you will not be able to get there.

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