Guess My Sketch

Guess My Sketch

About game «Guess My Sketch»

Guess My Sketch is a fun online game that will keep you entertained while challenging you to think. It's your job to figure out what the other players are sketching. You have the option of playing with strangers or your pals. One person will draw something, and the other players will try to figure out what it is. You'll be given a set period of time for each drawing, as well as the number of letters in each word. To win the round, try to score as many points as possible. You may also practice on the computer before joining real-life gamers. This is an online multiplayer drawing game where you can guess what others are drawing and then draw for others as well. The game seeks to measure your degree of drawing ability as well as your quick wits. Is that a tree, or something else? Is that a car, or something else? Or is that simply a sloppy apple drawing? Correct guesses get you points. Obtain the top spot in the arena. Try to draw the given things as correctly as possible so that the other players in the game can quickly figure out what you've drawn. To obtain VIP status, watch rewarded videos. In a room, you may play with up to ten others having the ability to votekick. Private mode is available. Play the game on your computer or smartphone to create your avatar.

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