Poke Among Us

Poke Among Us

About game «Poke Among Us»

We will never tire of delighting you with our new products. And today we present you another game that combines a wonderful combination of existing popular themes. From the name you can guess that we are talking about Pokemon and Among us. Moreover, the game itself is based on Mario! Imagine how powerful this combination is! You will get maximum pleasure with minimal effort, because the rules here are absolutely simple. Just run forward, kill other creatures and collect all the bonuses along the way. Your main enemies along the way will be snails and mushrooms. You must either avoid or destroy them. If you are suddenly hurt by someone, do not worry. You are given three lives, and accordingly you have three attempts to pass this game. If you lose them all, you have to start from the beginning. To play, you just need to press a few keys on the keyboard - space bar and arrows.

Watch how to play: