Captain America: Shield Strike

Captain America: Shield Strike

About game «Captain America: Shield Strike»

When we hear a strange and beautiful word - vibranium, we do not understand what we are talking about, of course, unless you are an ardent fan of the Marvel universe, which created the Avengers, brave and superpowered defenders of our planet from any threats, without exception. So, vibranium is the metal from which the shield of one of the most powerful avengers was created, and who we are talking about is clear from the name of the new action adventure - Captain America: Shield Blow, and now you will become one with it to defeat evil again! Again Hydra stretched out her terrible paws to humanity, but this cannot be tolerated and our super hero has already prepared his shield, you just need to choose one of the modes in one of which he will clear the territory from the fighters of the terrorist organization, by the way, in the story mode, and we are talking just about him, you fight for ten levels, where after each battle you have the opportunity to upgrade your shield.

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