Lego Iron Man

Lego Iron Man

About game «Lego Iron Man»

Few inventors can match the talents of Tony Stark, who even a gigantic fortune does not prevent him from developing amazing things. But, if the billionaire Stark is known to everyone, then his second, secret life in the armor of "Iron Man" is not even suspected. Tony himself created a protective suit with the most complex electronic "stuffing" and now wears it to protect his fellow citizens. Now he settled in the world of Lego and began the destruction of criminals. Put on his red and gold armor and fly into the sky of the night city. Remember that enemies are also armed and you may be hit by a fatal shot. Keep track of the number of points and try to increase it in every possible way. This is the only way to get more advanced protective suits. This game is suitable for players of all ages. Have much fun!

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