Car Traffic 2D

Car Traffic 2D

About game «Car Traffic 2D»

Car Traffic 2D game is an interesting arcade race in which you have to drive through the streets of a busy city, collecting money to buy cars. Press the center arrow to start. Press the cursor "Up" to start the race. Dexterously maneuver between cars. Please note that collisions result in a loss. But if you get a bonus (lightning), you can shoot down other cars on the road with impunity and get rewards for it. Try to collect as many bags of coins and bundles of bills as possible. Then on the main one, click on the arrows below to select a new car. Show attentiveness and dexterity of management to complete all levels of the game. This game will give an incredible opportunity to learn new skills and improve your reaction. This is useful skills, which will come in handy in your future life. Have fun!

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