Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest

About game «Mahjong Quest»

We offer you to pump your logical thinking and try to play a game that has ancient origins in China. This is Mahjong Quest. You are probably already familiar with mahjong, and the mechanics of this game are no different from regular mahjong. The rules are very simple, and even beginners will understand them very quickly and easily. Your main goal is to find two identical pieces, and when you click on them, they will disappear from the field. And so you need to completely clean the table so that nothing is left. The screen in front of you will also have a timer, so you have to finish the game as quickly as possible to get extra speed bonuses. By the way, not all tiles can be removed from the field at once. You can only take those in which at least one of the four sides does not have another tile. We wish you good luck!

Watch how to play: