Archer vs Zombies Among Us

Archer vs Zombies Among Us

About game «Archer vs Zombies Among Us»

Participating in sabotage, the impostors caught a zombie virus somewhere and got infected with it. It quickly spread and soon groups of characters were sent to the other planet to clean their spacecraft of a hazardous virus. The poor small planet was not lucky, it was already torn apart by evil feuds, and now there are monsters from space. The former opponents had to unite against the single and more hazardous in Archer vs Zombies Among Us. You will intervene in the fight and help defend one of the castles, shooting at the group of monsters with your arch. The mission in Archer vs Zombies Among Us is to stop the ill from coming close to the wall and starting to destroy it. In fact, the mechanics of the game are the same as in all games of the Tower Defense category. We really love that all the classic games always get the face of the more popular ones. So different generations can play this game!

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