Toy Car Memory

Toy Car Memory

About game «Toy Car Memory»

Toy Car Memory game was created for children of up to 6 years old, in which there are cars from a fairy-tale world. Lego invite the boys to test how good their memory is. A fascinating memory game was specially created for you. On the Lego tiles, cars were pasted photographs of different residents and guests of the event. In the game you can see famous characters from the cartoon "Cars" such as Lightning McQueen, Meter, Cruz Ramirez, Tokyo Maitre, as well as other construction vehicles. To find a pair, you need to turn over the tiles with the characters and find a pair for them. Try to complete the memorial level in the maximum number of moves to get more points and a reward. Develop your skills together with us on Desura! Check out more such games on our website. You will definitely find something fascinating for you. Have a great game!

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