Gangster City Crime

Gangster City Crime

About game «Gangster City Crime»

Do you think that you are so cool that you can afford to go out alone on the streets of a big city and fight various criminals, or, to put it simply, bandits? Or do you expect to become an out-of-the-line master of the city, for example, the Godfather? Or maybe you just want to drive the car you like after having stolen it? In short, all this is available in the exciting three-dimensional world - Gangster City Crime, which by the way has probably already loaded and you just have to start the game. The path from the very bottom of the criminal "tycoon" will not be easy, but observing caution you will be able to climb it to the very top. Of course, you will have to start with the simplest thing - stealing cars that can be resold, thereby earning good money, but why not think about robbing a bank or a cash-in-transit car?

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