Zombie Assassin

Zombie Assassin

About game «Zombie Assassin»

Waves of the walking dead again covered the streets of the city. Zombies are prowling everywhere in search of new victims. They crave human flesh and are not going to give up. Today you will not play the role of a brave fighter who fights with them. You will be given the opportunity to feel like one of the zombies. Several interesting levels await you ahead, which will offer you to cope with tasks of varying degrees of difficulty. You will guide the zombies with your mouse. Click it with the left button at the point of the playing field where the walking dead man should be. After that, he will independently go to the specified point. Fighters with weapons in their hands will move around the territory. As soon as you touch one of them, he immediately dies. Your task is to eliminate all the fighters from the playing field. For every soldier killed, you will receive money. Enjoy!

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