Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D

About game «Rocket Clash 3D»

Rocket Clash 3D is a fantastic third person shooter. Intelligence office wants to take over a missile base. Your goal is to guard the object. Lead a special forces team and try to destroy the enemy. Enjoy and share with your friends! In Rocket Clash 3D, you can use your favorite AK assault rifle and upgrade your soldier, which will provide you an edge in the fight. This tactical shooter will immerse you in the atmosphere of real combat. The enemy state has decided to seize the bunker with radioactive ammunition, thereby depriving your troops of the most powerful weapon. The government has tasked your elite infantry squad with a mission to prevent the enemy's plan from being implemented. As a weapon you have a machine gun. In the process of exploring the underground corridors, you can find hidden equipment and medicines. Good luck!

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