Transformers Earth Wars Forged to Fight Puzzle

Transformers Earth Wars Forged to Fight Puzzle

About game «Transformers Earth Wars Forged to Fight Puzzle»

In this interesting game you will need to use a little logic and creativity. As you could understand from the name, you will make a puzzle, and it will be not just a puzzle, but a transformer, which is disassembled into many parts. For example, in the first round you will see the base of the transformer, but you will need to attach the legs, arms and head. All the necessary details are already in front of you on the screen. All you have to do is place them in the appropriate places previously marked on the screen. The game is cool not only because it has transformers and puzzles, but also you will admire its great graphics, sound effects and other details that the developers have taken care of. Believe us, you will definitely like it! Apply your logical thinking and have fun! This game is suitable for all ages.

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