Animal Buggy Racing

Animal Buggy Racing
Animal Buggy Racing

Developer Company: Instant Games Studio
Published: January 23, 2020
Game Technology: HTML5, WebGL
Compatible Devices: Desktop
Playable On: Windows, MacOS, Linux

About Animal Buggy Racing

Step into the whimsical universe of Animal Buggy Racing, a delightful online game where clever critters take the wheel in a thrilling race. For the first time ever, these charming animals are competing in a high-stakes racing event, and you get to be part of the action. Choose your favorite character and their unique vehicle, then gear up for an exhilarating race. As the starting signal blares, it's your cue to speed ahead, outmaneuver, or even bump your rivals off the track. Your mission? Cross the finish line first and bask in the glory of victory in the enchanting world of Animal Buggy Racing.

Diving into Animal Buggy Racing isn't just about fun; it's a chance to sharpen your strategic skills as you decide the perfect moment to overtake or nudge your competitors. The game also hones your hand-eye coordination as you deftly steer your buggy to triumph. Blending fantasy elements with competitive racing, Animal Buggy Racing stands out as a top pick among browser-based games, offering a unique and engaging experience.

How to Play Animal Buggy Racing?

  • Press Space or click the Left Mouse Button to jump.
  • Click the Left Mouse Button to interact with skills.

Video Gameplay - Animal Buggy Racing