Zombie Number

Zombie Number

About game «Zombie Number»

Zombie Number is a thrilling shooting game. The protagonist, a little child named Jack, is in danger since he was at the heart of a series of unfortunate occurrences. His city has been overrun by a massive army of zombies, and everyone is worried about how to stay alive. As a result, Jack must take care of himself. He does, however, have a pistol, and he knows how to use it. Now that Jack gets near to his home, he is being attacked by swarms of zombies. A mathematical equation may be found beneath each walking dead. A number pad can be found below. In your thoughts, solve the problem, then type your solution on the panel and check it with a green checkmark. If you properly solved the problem, the hero has won the right to shoot and kill the zombies. The speed at which you shoot adversaries, as well as the quantity of points you receive, is all up to you.Zombie Number is a math game in which you can pick between Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication. The terms "division" and "random" are used interchangeably. The aim is to survive as long as possible while racking up as many points as possible. Use the keyboard to type or the mouse to click on the numbers. Don't let the zombies get too close to you or they'll attack and kill you!

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